It’s time to ring in spring with your favorite accessories and bold colors that are sure to bring a pop to your outfits. Pantone recently released their 2017 spring colors, which focus on bright blues and oranges, as well as pinks and greens. Our featured Fashionista took some of these highlighted 2017 colors and incorporated them into her look giving a bold vibe to her outfit.

Our Fashionista brought in various pops of colors with her accessories and kept her main outfit simple. Flame swatch from the 2017 Pantone collection is incorporated in our Fashionista’s look by her belt and ring. The orange essentially ties the outfit together but also makes a statement with its contrast. Her aqua rings bring in the blues of spring and the white rings tone down the contrast between the aqua and orange.

Our Fashionista adds another Pantone pop of color with her yellow circle earrings. These earrings provide a pop for the upper half of her outfit but also ties together the ’70s aesthetic she is aiming for. These earrings work well with the outfit by setting a tone and also providing another aspect of color. I absolutely love how the yellow complements the orange and aqua she has in her other accessories.

Her main outfit was kept simple while still holding her ’70s vibe with her Fleetwood Mac inspired band T-shirt and her bell bottom jeans. By keeping her outfit simple, she was able to bring in bold colors to tie together her overall look and create an aesthetic.

Our Fashionista rocked her details, but your spring accessories don’t have to be limited to just jewelry or belts! Any of the following bold options are perfect for your spring outfits: hot pink flatsa floral scarf, or a Pantone yellow bag. Find your perfect detail and it’s a spring season match!

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