In Massachusetts, it is the season of snow and the season to wear all-black. I consider myself someone who occasionally has problems with finding a splash of color to add to my outfit to brighten up my day. Why does your outfit have to be dull just because the weather is? Find ways to stand out with small details that add a pop of color.

When walking back from class today I saw this super stylish Fashionista and she instantly stood out with her bright red Converse. May I add, her lipstick matched her shoes! Typically people stray to the average colored Converse like gray, black, and white. It is time to think outside the box and try a color such as red. The best thing about this brand is that there are so many options in colors, they even offer custom made shoes. Not a fan of high tops? No problem, Converse are offered in low rise styles as well. This little detail added so much personality to her outfit. Her look is perfect for a long day hanging around campus.

Are you confused what a sherpa is? Well there are several meanings to this word but my favorite definition is a fuzzy jacket. I am obsessed with sherpa pullovers. They are adorable along with being very warm, perfect for a snowy day. A cool fact about sherpa coats is they originated from Tibet in the Himalayan Mountains. So, next time you’re getting ready to go out try to add a accent with a splash of color to stand out from the crowd.

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