With a steady hand and a bit of practice, a Fashionista can master any eyeliner technique. Today’s Fashionista is rocking her signature look of smudged black eyeliner that rims her upper and bottom lids. The exaggerated line emphasizes her eyes and adds a little drama to her look. She has a warm complexion and keeps the rest of her face appropriately neutral for daytime. Product-wise, this Fashionista opts for a twist-up pencil like this Covergirl one that you can find at any drugstore. As opposed to a pencil that you sharpen yourself, a twist-up tends to have a flatter tip. So, when you’re trying to make a really fine line, simply tilt the pencil to only use the edge.

To volumize her lashes, this Fashionista uses Loreal’s Telescopic mascara. She likes that it has a really thin brush, which makes it easier to reach the lashes on the inner and outer corner of your eyes. Mascara is an essential step that really makes eyeliner and shadow blend into your lash line. It's likely the product you have to replace most often, as it is a daily essential!

As far as doing mascara or eyeliner first: everyone has her own routine. I like applying mascara before eyeliner because the mascara thickens the lash roots, creating a guidleline which you can easily follow with a pencil. 

Even though this Fashionista's eye make-up is more dramatic than most, the overall look is still low-key. This complements her casual winter outfit of dark skinnies, a plaid shirt, a shearling coat and cozy mittens. I love the contrast of her loose, bright button-down with her sleek animal-print Oxfords. Her name-plate necklace and red Starbucks cup are the perfect accessories to finish off her look. Sometimes a little bling and caffeine are just what a Fashionista needs. 

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ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Business in the Front, Party in the Back

If you’ve ever tried on a shirt you already loved and then noticed some lace detailing on the back that made you love it even more, then you know how I felt when I spotted today’s Fashionista. I was shopping for a snack at Zot’N’Go, UCI’s favorite mini-market, when I saw her in the chips aisle. I silently admired her outfit as I walked by—pretty floral tiered dress, delicate cardigan–but I did a double-take once I saw the rest of her look. The back of her hair, which I had assumed was gathered into a bun, was instead curled and twisted in a series of convoluted loops; a work of art in its own right and one that added detail to her cute-and-simple outfit. At that moment, the phrase “the back of your head is ridiculous” couldn’t have rung truer.

To get the hair: Our Fashionista used a curling iron and created soft waves that make it easier to twist and pin up. Separate your hair into four to five sections and curl each piece (the larger the barrel of the iron, the better), then wind each section loosely and clip it to your head. Make sure to clip your curls loosely to allow for some volume and fluidity. If you have shorter hair or shorter layers, curl the longer layers and tuck the shorter pieces in with your clips. Other great “party in the back” looks include french and fishtail braids.

To get the look: Our Fashionista’s intricate up-do begs for simpler times. I was inspired not only by her hair, but by the ‘60s image that her flouncy dress seemed to emulate. To achieve an Allie Hamilton (from The Notebook) look, opt for pastels, polka-dots and peter pan collars. Think softly-cut hemlines, mary jane shoes and red lipstick. If you’re more of a rockabilly than a Miss Seventeen girl, you can even tie a bright bandana around your curly top. While your hairdo might seem complicated, your outfit will be unpretentious as can be.

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ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Stylin’ Static-Free

This week’s College Fashionista is a NEPA native so she knows a thing or two about dressing in cold weather. Chunky sweaters, layering and scarves are common trends for colder weather. But with these chic pieces comes a little annoying friend we call static. This Fashionista’s fall beauty challenge is finding a way to wear her favorite sweaters without the additional static.

In this look, this Fashionista uses several different makeup brands including Ulta, Maybelline, Covergirl and Revlon. Chunky sweaters are definitely my favorite item to wear during colder months. But I have to admit, I get static hair every time I wear one. Cosmopolitan, Oprah and Woman’s Day are great websites and magazines; they share great tips on taming our static hair. Check out Thrifty Fun and Real Simple for more tips and tricks. I am definitely going to try Cosmo’s tip for daily moisture conditioning spray, especially since the one they recommend is less than $5!

Although this Fashionista did not hear about these great tips before wearing a sweater she rocks this outfit with static-free hair. For a similar look, head over to her favorite stores American Eagle, Macy’s and Body Central. This American Eagle employee makes them proud wearing American Eagle sweater, jeans and boots! Currently all jeans are $29.99 and up so definitely head on over to their website and check them out.

No matter this Fashionista wears, she goes for comfort first. And what is more comfortable than sweaters? So before you go shopping this weekend, check out the links above and add a moisture conditioning spray suitable for your hair type to your shopping list. Until next time, happy shopping!

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Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself the trendiest T-shirt or sexiest boyfriend pants just to realize that you have found your way to the opposite sex’s section of the store? It happens to the best of us. Some might be bothered by the thought that the outfit that they fell in love with happens to be intended for someone else but others don't pay attention to it and end up buying it after all! This week's Fashionisto is the type of person that will go for anything that catches his eye.

Zara's studded shoulder black blazer looked amazingly fabulous on this Fashionisto. Only someone as glamorous as him would be able to pull off such a Fashionable look during a Thursday evening on campus. I have to admit that I was not surprised at all when he told me he found this blazer at the Women's section of Zara since I could see myself wearing it as well!

This Fashionisto wore his blazer with light gray jeans, a white button-up shirt, black dress shoes and black sunglasses. We have all witnessed the magic of blazers and know that they can be worn with pretty much anything. For the ladies, you could wear this blazer with pointy pumps. Casadei's patent python print, anyone? If you have a secret obsession for the studded trend, you should not keep it a secret any longer and wear your new favorite studded blazer with this Studded City handbag; there is no such thing as too many studs!

Never be afraid to wear what you love- even if it means wearing something that might also look good on your girl/boyfriend. Plus, who doesn't like playing “twinsies” once in a while? Dressing alike is always a cute and creative way to portray union. Do not ever let gender come in between you and that gorgeous outfit waiting to be worn by you.

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ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Not Your Third Grade Braid

I have recently been mourning the loss of six inches of my lengthy hair. I woke up one morning feeling quite spontaneous; after never letting my hair venture above shoulder length, I decided that it was the day. After impulsively cutting off all of my precious hair, I went to bed questioning my life and my sacred femininity.

Today’s Fashionista would have been my saving grace that one terrible, terrible day. I was desperate to hide my hair in any way that wasn’t with a Red Sox baseball cap or a hairnet—two things no self-respecting Fashionistas should ever sport in public (Yankees forever!). I always assumed that braids were a no-go for Fashionistas with short hair; bothersome wispsies and uncooperative layers stressed me out even more than facing the reality of my trimmed tresses. This Fashionista, however, deemed this look the “not-braid braid,” which describes the style perfectly. It’s loose and boho-esque; it’s not pulled too tight nor does it flirt with the third grade throwback, pigtail braids. It’s the perfect solution for pixie-phobic Fashionistas or those in need of a speedy style.

Mom always knows best, and she deserves credit for the first step to get this look. Hair is always most cooperative the second day after a wash; a little bit of natural oil allows hair to stay put easily and it develops a perfectly healthy sheen. A little bit of sea salt spray or hairspray also helps hold a natural wave. I love how this Fashionista barely braided twice across and how the three parts she used were uneven. Easy enough for us to mimic—split hair into three uneven sections and pull it softly into a braid. Curl the left out wisps of hair and push the rest back with an awesome headband.

So skip the wash (not the shower), spritz some spray and loosely braid. The not-braid braid: now how chic is that? 

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Leopard pants?! Yes, please! I spotted (pun intended) this Fashionista walking down the stairs after class and was drawn in by those fabulous pants. They are from H&M, I might add. Her bulky cable knit sweater, John Lennon inspired sunglasses and those leopard pants have created a very eye-catching effect. She looks put together without looking like she was trying too hard. Her slightly edgy appeal is unique but still classy and sophisticated. Her effortless, long mane tossed to the side is all natural and so lusciously wavy that it was an attention grabber, too.

I am all about super long hair right now. The length of her hair reminds me of my childhood reading of Rapunzel. The key to having healthy long hair is getting it trimmed regularly which, depending on how fast your hair grows, is typically every three months. I have recently had such bad hair days that I had to do some proper research on how to care for my curls. There is a whole book just about curls called Curly Girl written by Lorraine Massey. It is entirely dedicated to educating women on how to care for their corkscrew, angel waves and spiral curl types of hair. The most shocking thing I read was no more shampoo (or at least shampoo that has sulphate in it that really lathers your hair). Sulphates suck the moisture out of your hair strands which is the opposite of what you want. This strips the hair of its natural oils. This doesn’t mean you let your hair go dirty but rather conditioner wash your head. They refer to this method as “no 'poo.” Massey has narrowed the regime to three easy steps: cleanse, condition and style. Seems easy enough, right?

My favourite quote from the book and quite possibly my new motto of life: “Frizz is just hair that wants to be a curl.”

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The first thing I noticed about today’s Fashionista, Ayana, was her bright red boots. I loved her Red Patent 1460 Dr. Marten Boots, they contrasted well with her gray jeans and her camouflage canvas jacket and I thought they were the perfect statement pieces to add to her outfit.

This Fashionista's super curly hair also stood out to me. I absolutely love curly hair, and as a curly-haired girl myself I was really interested to learn about the products that this Fashionista uses in her hair. This Fashionista uses Carol’s Daughter beauty products. Carol’s daughter is an all natural beauty company whose mission is to meet the beauty needs of a variety of women of different races. For girls with kinkier textured hair like this Fashionista and myself I suggest using Beautiful Textures line of hair products specifically for mixed textures.

For her beauty routine this Fashionista focuses on her eye makeup using pencil liner. I suggest using Wet ‘n Wild’s Brow and Eyeliner Pencil. Not only does it have two uses, but it is only one dollar!

To turn your pencil eyeliner into gel liner, simply hold the tip of your eyeliner pencil in the flame of a lighter or match for no longer than three seconds. Next, wait for about 15 seconds for the pencil to cool down, because it will get hot! Next, try molding the tip of the pencil with your fingers or try rolling the pencil on the back of your hand in order to keep the tip of the pencil pointy. Finally, apply the eyeliner as you normally would to you top and lower lash line. Try this and your brow/eyeliner pencil can triple as gel liner too!

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When I arrived back on campus, I noticed a bevy of fall trends, but the two that were most noticeable involved hair. Shaved sides and colorful strands are not just for hipster tumblrs — I’ve spotted both trends all over campus on male and female students. Cassie was one of the first celebrities to debut the shaved head look in 2009 and ever since, celebrity and fan alike have been copying the look. During the 2012 New York Fashion Week, Thakoon sent models down the runway with pastel hued hair; the brightly colored chignons (blue, lilac, green, pink and terra-cotta!) gave an overall animation and trendy vibe to his fall line. The pastel hues were created by famed hairstylist Odile Gilbert. Ms. Gilbert used a multipurpose organic clay power to color each model's hair. She then braided two French braids and pulled them into messy chignons to create the illusion of short hair. While the average college student isn’t a Thakoon model, or Rihanna, or Cher Lloyd etc., don’t despair! You can still rock colored hair, a half cut or even both!

This Fashionista decided to be ultra-bold and go with both a half cut and multi-colored locks. While the side cut is quite trendy, it’s clear that this Fashionista is staying true to her own personal brand of style. There are two ways to get this look: either go to your trusted hair-stylist or be daring and buy an electric razor and get an “artistic” friend to do the shaving. If you’re going to do the job yourself, make sure to get a good electric razor. Wal-Mart has a huge selection and most are college-budget friendly. Be sure to head over to the nearest Walgreens to pick out your preffered hair dye. Splat is a great brand and offers numerous fun shades. Be bold, and try a new hair color this semester! And if you’re of the truly adventurous sort try a half cut! The style is fun, chic and sure to get you noticed.


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Bangs are super trendy right now. They add automatic style to your look and make you look polished and complete. But let me tell you, people, they are a commitment. I’ve had them since January and I think they are fabulous, but I am so over them. I’m tired of getting trims constantly, straightening out my angry cowlick and making sure they don’t get stringy throughout the day. I hate to say it, but the time has come for me to grow them out. Having done this before, I can say with confidence that growing out bangs is a slow and painful process. I am dreading every single second of it.

When I spotted this Fashionista though, her cute hairstyle reassured me that all will be well throughout the bang growing process. She gave her hair a side part then pinned her bangs over with a cool bobby pin. If you’re about to go through this procedure, this hairstyle is super quick and easy. I definitely plan on giving it a go myself. Whether your hair is long or short, throwing a few waves in it gives you more of a finished look as well.

If you’re having a particularly bad hair day while growing out your bangs, distract yourself with great fashion. I mean, who else can’t get enough of leopard print? Douse yourself in it and top your look off with a cool military jacket. Dr. Martens are a must-have for any college student, so give them a whirl in your wardrobe.

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ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Pretty in Pink

According to many a trend report, this season's colors are mint, coral, and tangerine. But who's to say you can't make a color your hue of the year? Not this Fashionista, definitely. I spied this college girl-on-the-go wearing her own definition of a shade that's the center of all attention.

Trendsetters don't always have to be celebrities, and this CollegeFashionista gives strong testament to that. Going against the grain is one way to step out in stark contrast to an overwhelming number of “easy breezy”s and “pastel pretty”s this spring. Her secret weapon? A Barbie-doll shade that doesn't only work perfectly with her skin, but still stays as summer-y as our orange lip colors can be. 

Pull off this tricky color as effortlessly in two easy steps: begin with a primer that evens out your natural lip color like VIP Girl Lipstick base from Korean brand Etude House, then start applying the bright lippie by dabbing it on evenly all over your mouth to avoid a messy application before filling in all spaces by swiping. Try a vivid matte like Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipcolor in L'Exuberante or Stila's Long Wear Lipcolor in Caprice. Go the extra mile and tend to your tresses; this Fashionista made the most out of her natural beach-babe waves. Simply twist damp hair into a knot and let it fall out into a half-up ponytail when dry. A high ponytail also saves the day on a sweltering sunny day.

Remember, it doesn't matter which color is proclaimed to reign the fashion year — your favorite hue will make a standout you. 

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