The classic topknot or bun is one trick every Fashionista should learn to master. It’s the perfect style whether you’re heading to a formal occasion, out on the town or just looking to add a little sophistication to your look. The sock bun, which takes a bit more effort than your average topknot, is definitely worth the time. It adds volume and you won’t be busy fixing your hair throughout the day. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get a runway look at home.

Start by cutting off the foot section of a sock and rolling the remaining part into a doughnut shape. This is where you can play around, use a thick or longer sock to get an exaggerated bun like this Fashionista or keep it simple with a small sock for a more casual topknot. Once your hair is in a ponytail, wrap the ends of your hair around the sock and begin to roll the sock down, continuing to wrap your hair onto the sock until you’ve reached the crown of your head. Sound complicated? Luckily, there are plenty of tutorials online. Add some pins to keep it in place and tease various strands as you wish to fluff out the bun.

The best part about this hair style is it's versatility. You can make it messy if you’re running around to class all day, simple and neat for when you want a polished look or big and bold when you want to make a statement. Whatever your personal style is, you can be sure to find an outfit this topknot complements. This Fashionista was dawning a simple yet cute striped sweater with riding boots. Her bun added just enough elegance to her casual look. If you haven’t played around with this trick yet Fashionistas, now is the ideal time to perfect it so you can rock it this holiday season!

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Northern prep is just about the greatest style ever. Vineyard Vines shep shirts, J.Crew colored denim, Sperry Top-Sider's duck boots, Lilly Pulitzer planners—my heart nearly skips a beat at the sight of any of these items. Northern preppy brands are just so classic and always, always the right decision.

What I love even more about preppy looks is that it is not just limited to clothing. Being preppy is about having the entire look—from a properly done ‘do all the way to those Italian leather riding boots. Being preppy is an art form, really. So let’s start from the basics.

I appreciate the whole messy-dreadlocks-colored-streaks look that many very inspiring Fashionistas and Fashionistos sport, I do. But I also know that I am much better off appreciating that type of look from afar, rather than trying to replicate it. However, a sleek, classic hairstyle? Now that I can manage. The key to maintaining an overall aura of traditional prep is really to just do your hair. Take ten extra minutes in the morning to zap frizzies with a straighter, to recurl those unruly spirals or to rewash greasy bangs. Looking put together is about taking the time to actually put yourself together. This Fashionista touched up her layers to keep them perfectly framing her face and highlighting that envy-inducing bronze glow.

This Fashionista kept her makeup light with a little pencil liner and two coats of mascara. The most important piece to a preppy makeup routine is a clean, even skin tone. A bold red lip is also always a Northeast staple!

Being preppy is all about working with what you have but refining certain elements, like hair and makeup, into a thoroughly classic and charming look.

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