ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Smiles And Spirals

Is there anything more beautiful than a truly genuine smile? Today’s Fashionista showed off her pearly whites, brimming with undeniable happiness. She illustrated the ultimate definition of beauty: all the other elements to her look come second to her naturally striking smile.

Her pretty glossed lips weren’t the only things smiling—her gorgeous hazel eyes were also brightly grinning. A true black liner on top and bottom, as well as a dark mascara, boosted the green of her eyes. I also love a purple eyeliner for hazel eyes; it’s still subtly dark but curiously wonderful at accentuating the green and gold specks. For nighttime, a little gold shadow transforms the simple liner. I also love this Fashionista’s nose piercing because it’s quirky but still understated. All piercings are inherently rebellious, but she keeps hers sweet with a cutesy polka-dot dress and jewel tone cardigan.

This Fashionista’s hair was, of course, my favorite part of her look. I love my Jersey Girl big, big hair so I’m inevitably drawn to anyone who shares my affinity for large tresses. There is something just so incredibly appealing about voluminous hair. It’s healthy and beautiful—How could a Fashionista go wrong? Big barrel curls are so feminine and quite easy to do once you get the hang of it. I always find that curls hold better the day after a wash, but hair spraying lightly from roots to ends also adds a little needed texture.  A one-inch barrel curling iron is the perfect way to emulate this Fashionista’s look. After curling, comb through it softly with your fingers to break up too spirally curls. It leaves them bouncy and beautiful!

As us CollegeFashionistas roll into the frightful finals time, take a few extra minutes do your hair or add some cool eyeliner. I always say that looking put together makes you feel put together—even if maybe you didn’t study as much as you should have. And when in doubt, smile big—Christmas is just around the corner!

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