The city in the wintertime so magical. The trees are lined with sparkling Christmas lights, window displays showcase beautiful arrangements of red, green and gold ribbons. People are out buying gifts or seeing ballet shows or going ice-skating on the Frog Pond. Winter is just such a mysterious and happy time to people watch—from inside a warm coffee shop, of course.

And inside, sipping some hot coffee in the comfort of a heater, is where I prefer to spend my wintery days. As soon as I venture into the depths of the brutal Boston wind, I slip on the sidewalk, my eyes tear and my hair turns into a ferocious animal of sorts. Needless to say, trying to keep myself put together for class is just really not in the cards. Today’s Fashionista stoutly braced the cold and certainly exceeded my ability to hold a cohesive look together.

This Fashionista’s hair is perfectly textured with a wavy but controlled finish. Although my precious, precious days of summer are a distant memory, today’s Fashionista rocked waves reminiscent of those beachy days. To tame her face-framing layers, she twisted to medium-sized chunks of hair, securing them with a tortoise-shell bow clip. The classic color highlights her naturally brown hair, pulling the look together and resisting the wind’s destruction.

Believe me, I love my warm fireplaces more than anything, but don’t be afraid to venture onto the city streets like this Fashionista. With a happy hairclip and a big, cozy sweater, the bitter wind has got nothing on us Fashionistas.

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