All ABOUT BEAUTY: And The Beard

From No-Shave-November to Dirty-December, I don't think you can be on a college campus without experiencing a guy somewhere taking part in this movement. Some place between Zach Galifianakis and Liam Hemsworth, this Fashionisto struck the perfect balance with his facial hair. While Fashionistas have the opportunity to switch up their looks by trying different shadows, liners or glosses, the men get to experiment with a totally different type of styling. Facial hair trends have been all over the map, but have never completely disappeared. Recently there seems to be a resurgence with this look for men. 

As seen most recently on the runways of rag & bone and Perry Ellis the men have been rocking that rustic yet refined guise. The look may not be for everyone but if you haven't tried it, go for it! Just like any other styling effort, it can completely change your look from week to week. This Fashionisto pairs this element with a laid back graphic tee, worn in converse and vest to strike that casually cool and effortlessly styled combination.

Though I can’t exactly give first hand advice on grooming tips, I can point you in the direction of some other Fashionistos who have found comfort in their styling. So if you are finding yourself in any doubt about the popularity in growing some stubble, just check out GQ's “Favorite stylish men from Florence, Milan, Paris, and New York” as photographed by Tommy Ton; half of the pictures feature men sporting some form of facial hair!

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