ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Ballerina Bun

The ballerina bun is an effortless way to look fresh. Sweep your hair up into a messy bun and show off your face to the world. Lauren Conrad at the Beauty Department has a really fun tutorial of how to achieve the look.  A key tip is teasing your hair before you secure it into a bun to give you great volume. Also, my top secret tip, or not so secret anymore, is to apply hair spray on your comb and then comb your hair to make sure you prevent pesky flyaway.

The ballerina bun, not only showcases your face and collarbones, but can also make you appear taller with the added height of the bun. When flaunting this hairstyle, make sure to keep your makeup simple, either by wearing a nude lipstick or black eyeliner, not both!

This Fashionista matched her hair bun with a to-die-for shearling coat. I have had my eyes on Karl Donoghue’s shearling and aviator jacket for over a year now, but with my student budget I must do with Zara’s alternative.  Of course, finish your look with a thick, chunky snood scarf. A snood scarf or in other words a tubular scarf is great for adding an extra layer of dimension, not to mention to keep your neck warm.

If you are feeling adventurous, try the Lady Gaga Bow Bun. Simply search on Youtube “bow bun” and you will find great tutorials how you can achieve this look. So if you are in a early morning rush, before brushing your hair throw it up in a bun and try out this look!

Expert tip from Cassie: Buns are a quick and easy way to pull together a causal look. Like Roxana mentioned, Lauren Conrad's tutorial is a great place to learn from. She is a style icon that always has her makeup so simple, yet beautiful with a gorgeous hairstyle as well. Lauren Conrad is a celebrity to emulate her beauty trends and get inspiration from. 

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As my Style Guru Bio most explicitly states, I adore ballet-inspired fashion, therefore it is no surprise that this week’s feature focuses on the prima ballerina Fashionista. She is clad in point-shoe pink shorts, a warm-up knit sweater and, of course, an ultra chic, topknot bun. It is this simple, high bun that adds an instant chic to her precisely polished look. Take note and bring your own hair up, up and away to revel in this classic ballerina style.

Need verification that this strong, sexy do is taking the fashion world by storm? Exhibit A:  The Spring 2011 runway shows of Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin and Luella (just to name a few) proved just how chi-chi the topknot is. Exhibit B: Fashion forward celebs such as Chloe Sevigny, Erin Wasson, Alexandra Richards and Margarita Missoni rock their buns at just about any occasion modeling the style's super wearability.

For this sleek look, start by dampening your hair with a lightweight mousse such as this one from Tresemme. Next, pull hair into a high ponytail and brush back flyaways with a boar-bristle brush (try Denman’s; $20). Then, twist the ponytail into a knot and pin it on top of your head. Make sure to wind the knot in an oval shape rather than a circle for a softer look.

Expert tip from Cassie: Kate gave great advice on how to achieve a fabulous ballerina bun.  Make sure your pony tail is in line with your temples for the perfect placement.  This hairstyle is simple and easy to do.  It is perfect for running errands and even making your date night outfit that much sexier.

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