Unless you are Anna Wintour, you probably have a need to change your hair style at least once every year or two. Like Miley Cyrus, this might mean replacing your mermaid hair with a platinum blonde pixie cut. For others, this just means adding a streak or two of color (black on blonde? Why don’t I see that around? It is absolutely stunning!) Maybe some of you reading this are currently seeking a drastic change of look. If you are anything like me, you are probably one of those people that rarely does anything to your hair and when you do, it is something minimal that usually gets unnoticed. Something like… bangs?

This week’s Fashionista wore her hair down straight toward her waist. Her bangs also hung straightly down to the top of her eyes. What I mostly like about this Fashionista is not her hair but her face shape. Having an oval-shaped face, this Fashionista can cut her bangs into pretty much any shape and guess what? It’ll look great either way—because girls with an oval-shaped face are lucky like that. Although side bangs, thin bangs and any type of bangs would look great on this Fashionista, I am glad she went for long and thick bangs. The bangs barely graze the eyebrows. If you have an oval-shaped face but have very thin hair, there is absolutely no need to worry! You can always cut your bangs in a shape that will allow it to frame the sides of your face. The latter will make your bangs look thicker and horizontally longer.

For the ladies with squared-shaped faces, in order to soften your strong jaw line, try thin and layered bangs. You can choose from a longer eye-grazing bang or a soft side swept one. I personally prefer the side swept one.

For those of you with that round cute little face, please try to stay away from super short bangs. Side swept are the best for you to try. Try to go for something that will lengthen your face a little rather than making it look a lot smaller than it already is.

For that lovable heart-shaped face, short side-swept bangs look the cutest on you.  The definition of a heart-shaped face is the chin so you need to go for something that will help draw attention away from it rather than to it; Short side-swept bangs will help you achieve this.

If you are still unsure about what style of bangs would look best on you depending on your face shape, I recommend you to talk to your hairdresser. Also, if you are one of those people that don’t appreciate anyone near your hair and prefer to cut it yourself, here is a list of one of the best hair cutting scissors. Might be a little more expensive than getting a haircut but if you take your haircutting skills seriously, it would be smart to invest in professional hair scissors!

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Any beauty addict knows that bangs have continued to find their place on the must-have hair radar throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. In the ‘20s, bangs represented rebellion as they were a part of the controversial bob hairstyle. Their popularity resurfaced in the‘50s with the retro rage and again in the ‘60s in tandem with the rise of rock n’ roll. Today women employ bangs for an assortment of different looks; from short and sweet to subtle and sexy they’re always sure to add just enough edge to any Fashionista's natural look.

This particular Fashionista took a très chic approach by following in the footsteps of the French fashion icon Francoise Hardy. Both of their blasé bangs have a je ne sais quoi feeling about them, adding to their already mysterious air. The key is having soft-layered bangs at lash-length to delicately frame the structure of your face. This draws attention to the eyes and cheekbones for a flirtatious feel. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have this Fashionista’s uncanny sense of style; her fur vest, white silk jumpsuit, Louis Vuitton bag and platform heels certainly add to her chi-chi look.

Before resolving to cut bangs, it’s critical to consider your face shape! If you have an oval shaped face like Liv Tyler, blunt bangs will work best for you. If you’re like Reese Witherspoon and have a heart shaped face, go for a side-swept cut. And if your face is square, try a wispy, layered bang like Kate Moss. But no matter what the shape of your face, your hair color or your style, take the plunge and get a drastic do today by banging it up!

Expert tip from Cassie: Bangs are a good way to change and entire haircut. Bridgette Bardot is an amazing reference for the sexy bang. Wether it's a side swept bang, full fringe, or wispy bangs, don't try to make them perfect. Sometimes the fluffier and messier you can get your hair the better. Remember to point the nozzle of your blowdryer down to seal those cuticles to eliminate frizz. 

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