ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Barbershop Pop

If I had a fashion alter ego, she would be grungy but fierce; daring but cohesive; creative but consistent. In fact, if I did have a fashion alter ego, it would probably be today’s Fashionista. Her entire look is consistently cool, but full of attitude and exudes the sassy confidence that every Fashionista strives to have.

Her long, dark hair makes me long for sunny beach days and my recently chopped locks. This Fashionista’s voluminous tresses hit a post beach hair look with just the precise amount of loose waves. Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray was my go-to this summer for beachy waves minus the slimy seaweed and grainy sand – two beach hair essentials that are infused into the product to replicate a saltwater finish.

The length of her hair can be simulated just as easily, thanks to do-it-yourself clip-in extensions. I would recommend purchasing 100 percent human threads from a local beauty supply store to match your hair color exactly and so you can style it worry-free. However, if you’re looking for a quick fix, there are some extensions available here that are also available in an entire palette of colors, including crazy blue and purple hues.

I also love her true black eyeliner paired with a burgundy lip color. The dark shades are powerful and complement her entirely thrifted DIY outfit. With her bellybutton ring peaking out from her midriff top and her studded nose ring shining in the bright afternoon sun, today’s Fashionista is mysterious and cool: a precise portrayal of my rebellious and sly alter ego.

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