While we are often quick to point out our own flaws, it’s equally important to recognize your best feature as well. As for me, I love my eyes. They are a weird mix between green, blue, with flecks of gold. Whenever I am doing my makeup, I always try to accentuate my eyes.

A great way to play up this asset is by focusing on your eyelashes, like today’s Fashionista. Her long black lashes immediately draw you in to her dark eyes in a captivating manner. While all of us might not naturally be blessed with lengthy lashes, it is easy to achieve them artificially as well. Amy, the Founder and Editor in Chief of CollegeFashionista, swears by eyelash extensions for a fuller look straight out of bed. If you are commitment phobic like me, you can still get the look by changing up your everyday makeup routine. Most people think it’s a coat of mascara and you’re out the door, right? Not so fast! Curling your lashes really opens up your eyes. Plus, I literally use three different types of mascara (found here, here, and here) to make them look as full and long as possible.

The eyes are the window to the soul. Take an extra moment to play up your lashes and share your soul with the world.

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