The ballet-inspired bun is arguably one of the most long-lasting beauty trends. Despite it being a style most typically considered classic and sophisticated, this hairdo has survived the tests of time presumably due to its indisputable versatility and apparent simplicity. In fact, Fashionistas everywhere have been spotted sporting these easygoing buns at almost every occasion: from the red carpet to Sunday morning brunches, ballerina-inspired buns have been a go-to ‘do for years.

This Fashionista demonstrates yet another reason why these chignons have continued to remain oh-so-popular: their addition instantly incorporates an element of delicacy to just about any look. Donning a fantastically urban ensemble of jeggings, a studded flannel beneath a fur vest, motorcycle boots, sunnies and a hobo bag, this Fashionista’s panache maintains a sense of softness due to her ballerina bun. Although she could have opted to execute just about any other hairstyle to enhance the metropolitan look she was most certainly going for, this Fashionista chose to go with a timeless bun and, in doing so, created a look that’s both grungy yet gentle and perfect for spring.

In her fall 2009 presentation, Monique Lhuillier had her models wear ballerina buns to ensure that the focus was on her clothing and not the models themselves. In doing so, Lhuillier (perhaps unintentionally) created an allure of refined elegance… so much so that Elle reported the tools necessary to create a chignon just like the ones that strolled the catwalk.

Interested in trying this look? Do as Sabrina Michals (the hairstylist for Lhuillier's presentation) suggests and do not first brush your hair into a ponytail; rather, gather your locks into what would be a ponytail but do not secure them – instead, twist your mane and then wrap it around itself in a bun shape on the back of your head, securing with pins as you go. For the inevitable fly away, take a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray and brush down the rebellious bit(s). Don’t have time to pin down your tresses? Simply secure your bun with a fabric hair elastic for a strong hold with less fuss.

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