I’ve gone to a traditional school my whole life, which means when June finally came around our suitcases came out and to the beach we went. Now that age is forcing me into a summer of responsibilities, including classes, two internships and school organizations, I’m not able to slip out of town like I could when my main concerns where whether to play Sharks and Minnows or Marco Polo next. Still, I can’t help but crave beauty essentials resulting from a day at the beach: bronzed legs, sandy cheeks, and most importantly, sun-highlighted hair. And can you blame me? No. But even though I’m spending most of UV-educed hours in a classroom or at the computer, the Fashionista I spotted is giving me the inspiration I need for bright highlights.

One of the first beauty tricks I learned, among most girls, is the classic lemon juice on the hair. Not only does the citrus smell amazing, but the lemon juice works with your natural hair color instead of dying and transforming it. Although this is a gradual process, even an afternoon in the sun will show an effect.

However, some of us don’t even have an afternoon to spare sun bathing with citrus juice. In which case, I am thrilled to introduce one of my favorite products for the summer: Rita Hazan Root Concealer. Style your hair as desired and give a light spray all over from top to bottom. This genius in a bottle is perfect for temporary highlights that’ll leave people asking, “How was your trip to Aruba?”

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