I hate to state the obvious, but my best friend and I talk about boys…a lot. In fact, she is the one to blame when it comes to my I-only-talk-to-boys-who-wear-Sperry-Top-Sider’s, Mean Girls-esque tendency. During one of our boy-centered conversations, she brought up a crucial beauty observation: girls can look so different with or without makeup on and their hair done—many Fashionistas keep their evil twin, Morning Fashionista, hidden behind closed doors. Fashionistos, on the other hand, are more or less stuck with what they have. Although male stage makeup has been historically trendy and some new age, gender ambiguous-friendly designers showcase men in makeup, the everyday, CollegeFashionisto is al naturale. What’s a boy to do?

I do love makeup: it’s so much fun to change up your look and it’s a great way to enhance whatever it is that you love about yourself! However, this Fashionisto serves as a reminder that what is natural is what is really important—no need for big shades and a floppy hat to mask sleepy eyes and bed head. In fact, this Fashionisto illustrated even more confidence by drawing attention toward his eyes with an awesome bowtie. The yellow base of the tie simultaneously brightens and complements his tanned skin tone.

This Fashionisto’s thick, dark hair is easily messy, fitting to the overall minimalistic look. With a thick head of hair, a great conditioner is key to keep hair malleable and soft. I know of many Fashionistos who fear being caught using any sort of “beauty product,” but lucky for them, AXE offers a wash-and-soften combo that my brothers swear by. A touch of mousse keeps hair in place and looking fresh.

Always remember that while makeup and products are fun, a natural look can be just as beautiful!

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