When Brooke Shields first stepped foot into Hollywood, fashion and beauty mavens took note of her incredible eyebrows almost immediately. Little did Ms. Shields know at the time, but her brows would soon become one of the most commonly desired facial features by young women around the globe; thin, skinny brows were officially out and full, natural brows were officially in. Fast-forward a few years, and Brooke's bold brows are still a beauty must-have, as Allure so eloquently illustrates. In fact, full eyebrows are known to instantly add a bit of glamour to your look but yet are still subtle and natural-looking enough to be your daily beauty go-to.

This Fashionista’s brows look very much like Brooke Shields's: they’re full, natural looking and balance out her facial structure very well. With her great brows, this Fashionista painted her lips with a really pretty fuchsia color — one that doesn’t take away from the natural look she’s striving for. To then complement her makeup, she rocks a pair of skinny jeans in an style that echoes Isabel Marant, a cheetah-print belt, a basic white T-shirt, an olive-green military-inspired vest, simple ballet flats and sunnies. With her hair slicked back into a basic pony, the attention is on her face and her outfit. Although her look is undoubtedly show stopping, this Fashionista appears relaxed and ready for class.

To achieve eyebrows like this Fashionista’s, put down your tweezers and stop stripping your brows of their natural shape. With that being said, take eyebrow pencil (this one happens to be my favorite) and simply fill them in, brushing and combing the pencil’s tint out evenly throughout the brow. Because you want your brows to look as naturally-full as possible, I recommend going with an eyebrow pencil that is one shade lighter than your brow color. Make sure that you do not go overboard with the pencil, though, because then it will look like you drew your brows on and did not achieve them naturally.

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