By now we have all discovered the endless amount of fun nail art ideas on Pinterest and CollegeFashionista.  It is definitely safe to say nail art has come a long way in these last few seasons, and some are even saying it is on its way out. But I disagree, especially when nail art is on the fingers of young and trendy CollegeFashionistas who literally search for reasons to pop in a good chick flick, pour some cocktails and bring out the nail polish (I mean, there is nothing better than that, right?). Sally Hansen has even made it easy for the less artistically inclined Fashionistas to sport fun nail trends with stick on nail decals. They even have Christmas designs for the holiday-loving Fashionista who swoons over festive plaid and snowflakes. So fun!

However, I have been able to find a few Fashionistas on campus who are keeping it real with free-hand designs on their nails. As an art student, I find myself surrounded by amazingly creative people every day on campus. When I spotted this Fashionista on a very snowy day, I was just excited to see a bright color of polish on her nails! While most Fashionistas tend to stick to darker lacquers during the colder months, this Fashionista caught my eye with bright turquoise nails on her (thankfully) gloveless hands.

This artsy Fashionista, whose name is ironically Beautia, happened to be one of my classmates and when I went up to her to compliment her nails, she was ecstatic to show me the dainty little touches she had added to each nail: bow ties! We have seen bow ties all over the place lately, with famous Fashionistas like Beyoncé and Rachel McAdams, bringing a feminine touch to the menswear-inspired trend.  So why not take a fashion trend and translate it to a beauty trend? It might be truly genius.

Now, Beautia is an artist and used a nail pen to design each of the little bow ties onto her nails free hand.  But she claims it was very easy due to the simple shape of the oh-so-classic bow tie (Nothing a little trial and error can’t conquer).  All I know is that — thanks to this Fashionista — I have a new obsession with all things bow tie.  Whether it be a neck accessory, a shoe clip or nail décor, you can’t go wrong with a little bow tie.

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