The ability to do a French braid is an underrated but valuable skill to have, especially if you can do one on yourself. As today’s Fashionista demonstrates, a single French braid that sweeps to the side is a simple but eye-catching hairstyle.

Designers like the braid too. On the spring 2012 runways, models at Valentino sported loose, romantic braids, and at Alexander McQueen, models had their hair twisted into thin, horizontal braids. However, no matter how thin, thick, tight or loose the braids, the overall look was always youthful and feminine.

But youthful in a good way because there’s a difference between having two French braids with a middle part (the look you rocked all throughout grade school) and styling your hair with braids. You don’t want to look like you’re 10-years-old again. It’s time to update the look by using your French braiding techniques to craft flattering hairstyles.

Take a cue from this Fashionista by parting your hair on the side and making a braid right at your hairline. Stop gathering the hair about an inch above your ear and finish the braid. If you never learned how to make a French braid, well, that’s what YouTube tutorials and/or your girlfriends are for. Practice makes perfect!

Also, if your hair is straight and gets very slippery when it’s freshly washed, it helps to wait a day or two until your hair can grip better. I’m not saying don’t ever wash your hair (gross), but know that it can be easier to style when it’s unwashed!

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Back in 2010 Alexander Wang's spring RTW show presented a hairstyle that would take the fashion world by storm: the braid. A style perhaps not all that nouveau or modern at the time had suddenly become a chic fashion must-do (pun intended). Now, seasons later, the braid is just as stylish as it was two years ago and catwalks and red carpets alike consistently feature at least one Fashionista with these braided styles. As with every fashion trend, the braid, too, has experienced numerous transformations throughout the years and many different types of braids have been gained popularity since Wang’s show. From the fishtail to the waterfall braid and everything in between, the options are seemingly endless for Fashionista’s everywhere.

This Fashionista sported a timeless French braid as she strolled to class this week. One of my favorite braided styles, the French braid is clean and elegant and consistently gives a look of sophistication to its wearer. The French braid hairstyle is great for class, too, because it keeps your hair out of your face and off of your neck; simply put, it’s the perfect alternative when looking to avoid any hair-related distractions. Further, this 'do seems to complement almost every single face shape: whether your face is oval-shaped or circular, you can rest assured that your bone structure will undoubtedly balance well with this hairstyle. Still not convinced? As this Fashionista has proven, this style can also be paired quite easily with your daily ensemble and isn't solely reserved for dressy occasions. In fact, this Fashionista's black leggings, basic T-shirt, black boots, olive-green military jacket, patterned scarf and sunnies go oh-so-well with the way in which she's styled her hair.

Not exactly sure how to do a French braid on yourself? Well, fear not, because there are numerous tutorials available online. For my personal go-to, click here — this tutorial takes the French braiding process slowly and step-by-step.

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