For the past two and a half years, the side braid has been one of the most dominant hair trends on college campuses. Ever since Alexander Wang sent his typical cool-girl models down the spring 2010 runway sporting the effortless plaits, this style has been a go-to for ladies looking for casual, easy glamour fast. I know from personal experience that this is the perfect look for a bad hair day; when I wake up with Bride of Frankenstein-esque hair, a deep side part, some surf spray and quick fingers are usually all I need to make myself look presentable (and avoid the looks of horror I would inevitably get otherwise).

This week's Fashionista has expertly mastered a casually chic side braid. Her deep part and perfectly tousled beach waves are the perfect canvas for the uncomplicated braid she created. Her outfit adds to this simple glamour: a fur coat is elegant and effortless, while black pumps and a crisp blouse give a sophisticated edge to a simple pair of distressed jeans. This Fashionista (who is renowned for her daring beauty looks — I caught her last semester sporting some sharp orange lipstick) should probably be heading to Lincoln Center for Fashion Week, not a mundane day of classes — we all know the tents are where the real education happens anyway.

You probably already have the products you need to get this look. A comb, some texture spray (or even water will do to tame flyaways in a hurry) and a tie that matches your hair color are your only necessities. Though the fur coat and pumps aren't requirements, they're definitely recommendations I suggest you take to heart.

If you're not feeling the side braid but still want to get in on the plait action, check out Refinery29. They'll try to fool you into thinking they're sick of the style, but their devotion to different versions of the classic look and tutorials of various styles begs to differ.

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