Ah, it’s that time of year once again. The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping and…midterms are arising. Fashionistas know to never sacrifice style for anything — and I find that dressing up and being put together inspires me in my many productive hours spent in the library. But balancing highlighters, ballpoint pens and a strong cup of coffee doesn’t leave me enough hands to fix my bothersome flyaways and itchy bangs.

The solution? As today’s Fashionista demonstrates, the simple answer is: buns, buns, buns. Sock buns, ballerina buns, messy buns—a new fun bun for each day of studying. If your bangs and uneven layers are bothersome, spritz your fingertips with a light hold hairspray, press hair back and secure it with a bobby pin. No hiding from all that work; keep your hair out of your face and your eyes focused.

Today’s Fashionista took her fun bun one incredibly adorable step further by adding a bow clip. Bows are so utterly feminine and pretty, which complements the elegance of buns impeccably. Bows, especially ones from American Apparel, are politely and ladylike-ily domineering campus this fall semester. They are often seen on a half-up, half-down hairstyle, which never fails, but this Fashionista put a personal spin on the classy look. For an ultra feminine tone, try bows in an off-white lace. For an edgier look, try one in a shiny metallic. And lastly, in the spirit of all that is American politics, show your pride by clipping in an American flag bow—and God bless femininity.

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