ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Complexion Perfection

It’s no beauty secret that every Fashionista’s most employed accessory is their skin. You wear it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is why there is no excuse not to take care of it. The best way to do so? Moisturizer. Moisturizer visibly beautifies the complexion by providing your skin with the necessary rehydration, protection and nourishment it needs. This makes it imperative for beauty gurus to devise a daily moisturizing routine to keep their skin glowing all day long.

This Fashionista uses lotion as the power-tool for her natural, shining skin and the effect is radiant! Fall and winter are the most intimidating seasons to wear revealing clothing because the cold weather can leave the skin arid and cracked; but this Fashionista has nothing to fear. Her sleeveless denim vest, scoop neck tank and highly-slit skirt are insignificant factors thanks to her glowing complexion. She proves radiant skin is easy and attainable with just the simplest moisturizing routine.

Starting from the head down, there are five essential moisturizing products no Fashionista should be without.

1. Hair Oil — My must-have hair product, Moroccanoil, will not only restore and protect your hair, but also leave it with a silky finish and brilliant shine. 

2. Lip Balm — No one likes to have, look at or kiss chapped lips, and Maybelline’s newest product Baby Lips is the perfect, inexpensive solution for luscious lips.

3. Face Moisturizer — In order to avoid wrinkles, protect yourself from sun damage and add a sun-kissed glow, make sure to buy a lightweight, tinted moisturizer with a 15 SPF, like Arbonne’s Made in Shade lotion.

4. Hand Cream — In every Fashionista’s purse should be miniature sized hand cream to prevent dry, damaged hands. There is no cosmetic to hide the age of your hands so it’s imperative to keep them looking healthy for as long as possible!

5. Body Oil — Body lotion is good but body oil is even better, because it amps up the über-sleek look of lotion with it’s extra soothing touch. Johnson’s Baby Oil smells delicious, and will make your skin as soft as a baby’s bottom.


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