ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Curly and Voluminous

A hairstyle popularized by Sarah Jessica Parker in the early days of Sex and the City, curly, voluminous hair has been a go-to look since the invention of the curling iron. Whether sporting waves during the day en route to class or at night for a more romantic look, big curls are always a seemingly effortless way to spruce up whatever look you are going for. However, Fashionistas tend to lean more toward stick-straight styles, perhaps in fear of seeming too overdone. As this week’s Fashionista shows, however, big waves and a more playful style are just as easily incorporated into a daily look as those reliant on a flat iron: having a bold ‘do does not necessarily detract from your daily ensemble.  

This Fashionista proudly lets her incredibly voluminous, curly hair flow freely on campus this week. She did not opt for the picture perfect, romantic wave one might expect in a curly style, rather, she teased and tousled her locks, leaving perfectly imperfect ringlets all around. This Fashionista’s outfit is still the center of attention, even with this super bold hairstyle. The ensemble of a printed dress beneath a woolen trench, a laid-back beanie and chocolate-colored oxfords is the perfect winter look for the District’s unexpected fall weather this month. In fact, she proves that maroon tights and a curly mane can go hand-in-hand, or, lock-in-lock if you will.

To achieve a hairstyle similar to the one sported by this Fashionista, visit’s “The Look: Curls” for some tips and tricks that every Fashionista can use. As always, don’t lose your creative touch when it comes to your hair, just as you wouldn’t when it comes to your outfit: be bold, experiment and have fun!

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