One thing is for sure: eyes are the essential asset for any Fashionista looking to amp up her beauty. From pencils to mascaras, eyeshadows to concealers, there is a plethora of products on the market dedicated solely to accenting the eyes. With this endless supply of enhancers, it can be nearly impossible to fathom what product to wear at what time of day, with who and for what occasion. Lucky for us, today’s featured Fashionista perfectly demonstrates how to create a beauty-embellished, day-time eye.

I must admit, even without this Fashionista’s impeccable two-toned look, her sea-foam green eyes were too beautiful to escape. But, like every clever beauty-guru, she knew just how to amplify her best asset. For her, it was a simple mascara/shadow combination. This Fashionista used inspiration from the smokey eye — it’s mesmerizing, smoldering look— to create a fresher, more day-time appropriate rendering through these five, easy steps:

1. Employing light, creamy hues to cut the harshness of the original, smokey look
2. Applying two different, earthy shades to add subtle drama
3. Outlining her rims with a glossy shadow for a supersize effect
4. Lining her eyelids with a subtle espresso eyeliner
5. Adding a coat of mascara to define the lashes

This enchanting look can be found in all it’s glory on the Chanel, fall 2011 runway. Makeup artist Peter Philips dreamed up the show’s “play between shadow and light” by painting a graphite-colored, glimmering lid. Leaving the rest of the model’s faces neutral, he allowed this beautiful look to steal the show.

Expert Tip from Cassie: Keep your daytime eye make up simple. This Fashionista created a very sexy but day-appropriate look. The less eye shadows you use the better. Simply blend a darker shade in your creases, highlight your brow bone and lid, swipe on some liner and mascara and walk out the door!

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