I have been walking around campus with a smile on my face for the last few weeks. Much to my delight, the warm weather has caused a surge of Fashioistas to emerge from winter hibernation.

I too have been eagerly anticipating wearing all of my new spring pieces. However, when observing the many Fashionistas on campus lately, I have noticed that the warm weather seems to bring out the inner boho in everyone. I have seen everything from fringe and florals to cropped tops, and I must say I am loving every minute of it.

After a long cold winter filled with bulky sweaters and heavy boots, it is nice to walk around campus in a sundress and my trusty Ray-Bans, pretending I am still on spring break in sunny California.

While I am in fact in Iowa and not in California, I must say I felt like I was on the West Coast when I ran into this Fashionista. Everything about her look, from her floral shirt to her Aztec-printed dress, screamed boho chic. But it wasn’t until I laid eyes on this Fashionista’s hair that I realized just how California cool she really was.

Much like the ombré look, this Fashionsta’s tresses were warmer at the roots and lighter at the bottom. However, instead of the gradual change in color usually seen in the ombré trend, this Fashionista’s hair looked as though the ends had been dipped in Sun-In (we all remember those days). While there was, in fact, no Sun-In involved, this look is so surfer chic, it makes this Fashionista look as if she came straight from the beach.

This Fashionista’s dip-dye was done by a friend using a bleach and toner kit from Sally Beauty; however, if you aren’t the do-it-yourself type, it can easily be achieved by any hair stylist. The look is perfect for the spring and summer seasons and involves less long-term commitment than highlights (a simple trim and the color is gone). It doesn’t get much easier than that!

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