Every Fashionista has those days when her hair just must go up. Whether it's the humid weather or just a simple case of bed head, the updo is every Fashionista’s go-to for all sorts of emergencies. 

The weather has been very muggy with a lot of rain lately — needless to say, not a good forecast for hair! But even the classic ponytail can get boring after a while. This is when Fashionistas like me turn to Pinterest for some updo inspiration. However when I ran into this fashionable classmate on campus the other day, I made the mistake of assuming she had seen the fabulous hairstyle she was rocking on another friend's pin board. Rather, she said the 'do was inspired by the braids she used to put in her hair as a teen. This look, which I have heard called the bohemian twist, is just like a braid but uses two pieces of hair instead of three. We have already seen this look on another University of Iowa Fashionista who used it to keep her bangs out of her face.

The bohemian twist is a more mature alternative to the French braid and super easy for CollegeFashionistas on the go.  You can use the twist to tie back the hair around your face or pull it into an updo to spice up any outfit, from a sundress and cardigan to jeans and a blazer!  With summer just around the corner, the bohemian twist is perfect for any event!

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