ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Dressing Your Hair Color

When we get dressed, we often think of highlighting our best assets. Have amazing legs? The shorter the shorts the better. Have Michelle Obama-worthy arms? Sleeveless is your fashion BFF. However, too often we focus on our legs/arms/booty/body and forget about one of our best assets: our hair!

This Fashionista has gorgeous sunny blonde hair. I love when a blonde plays up their color by wearing yellow. I mean, how gorgeous did Kate Hudson look in that gown in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”? Major fashion moment. This Fashionista's neon hue is a better choice than a pale yellow because it brightens her entire look. Have red or auburn hair? You are in luck because there is nothing better than a redhead in green. Simply lovely. For those Fashionistas with dark locks play with contrast by wearing white and letting your strands truly shine. 

Bonus: Fashionistos, this applies to you as well. Dress up your hair color by wearing your favorite T/polo/button down in a complementary color.

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