ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Dye, Dye, My Darling

The Minnesota landscape has been looking a bit bleak lately. The light dustings of snow we’ve been receiving as of late have failed to create the winter wonderland to which we’ve become accustomed to but have instead produced a disappointing display of white and gray. This humdrum aesthetic has in turn led to a new found appreciation for the little pops of color that we encounter daily. Whether it be the deep yellow brilliance of the evening sun or the bright crimson of an exposed fire hydrant, color has become as necessary to our well-being as water. And with this current winter dreariness, we’ve all become somewhat dehydrated.

Thankfully there are people like this week’s Fashionista, whose dedication to color is certain to cure what ails us. Her hunter green duffel coat is a fantastic alternative to the more common black and gray, but her hair is what truly caught my eye. Her scarlet locks contrast nicely with the green of her jacket but a color choice like this can hold it’s own without any added help. Her choice of this deep red with strands of bright yellows are the perfect mix of daring and demure. It makes a statement without distracting from the many other aspects of what makes her look so cool.

For those who are considering a hair color change there are many approaches to mimicking this Fashionista’s tinted tresses. If you’re too timid for an at home experience then there is no shame in going to your local salon and letting a professional handle the job. Those who are a bit more daring should still seek advice from a hair care professional, then purchase a well-tested dye kit such as Garnier Fructisse Ultra Color or Revlon Color Silk. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering a hair change, especially one that involved bleaching your follicles, it to condition your hair. Deep conditioners like Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask are perfect for hair recovery after a dye job.



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