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While Melissa may have the upper hand with her beauty expertise in many areas, one thing I have more far superior knowledge of is hair extensions. Not all of us are blessed with natural long locks or we lack the patience to sit back wait for your hair to grow. I, for one, fall under both of those categories. I have had my fair share of extensions and with that, my fair share of disappointments. Usually, my extensions end up looking good at first, but shortly there after, they start ripping out my hair, getting matted and looking like a hot mess.

But then I met the professed “Hair Extensions Geek” Christopher Box, he introduced me to easiLengths and my faith in extensions was renewed. The easiLengths are permanent hair extensions that use paper thin, medical grade tape-in extensions. Why is that such a big deal? No awkward or harsh clumps of glue peeping out or damaging your hair. The easiLengths extensions are reuseable. So after six weeks or so, they can be taken out and put back in. I feel like these extensions were made for me, as they are perfect for people with thin or fine hair. To learn more about Hair Extensions 101, be sure to have a read at these articles.

But perhaps my favorite part of my new hair are the compliments I receive. “Oh I wish I could grow my hair that long.” “I wish my hair was that thick.” “You have the prettiest hair.” Whenever anyone admires my hair, I let them in on my easi-secret. It’s too good to keep to myself.

I think Christopher put it best when he said, “They aren't going to fall out when you walking down the street or busting a move on the dance floor.” Clearly, easiLengths were made with the CollegeFashionista lifestyle in mind. Be sure to check out where to get easiLengths by visiting this list of Hair Extensions Salons. and check out Christopher’s great website for more information on hair extensions.

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