The harem pant has come back in full force since its rise and shine in the '80s and can be found in all types of styles and prints now. Many times when seeing the harem pant styled, it's for a more dressy occasion than just running to class or work. Being a Fashionista, you don’t know everything. I love walking down the street and seeing styles that I never would have thought to put together. 

I found this Fashionista walking along Michigan Ave. She styled the harem pant in a very cute yet relaxed way. She wore a Givenchy T-shirt, her harem pants and Givenchy riding boots. Her hair was styled straight and with not a stitch of make-up on her face, her skin was flawless. I just had to ask her what she used for her face. 

We talked for a bit and she told me three times a week she uses “Fresh” Sugar Face Polish found at Sephora and four times aweek she uses “Queen Helen Oatmeal and Honey” facial scrub which can be found at any local drug store. To top of her weekly facial routine, she uses Aveeno “Positively Radiant” daily to keep from having dry skin.

With a skin routine like that, I’m sure we’d all have flawless skin too. If you’re like me, then acne likes to sneak up sometimes and leave hideous marks. Here’s a YouTube tutorial on various ways to get rid of them. Talking to this Fashionista, not only did I learn a new way to style something, but I got a new skincare routine to boot. Let me know if any of these products work just as well for you!

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