ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: French Manicure

If you have been down the cosmetic aisle or looked in the beauty section of a fashion magazine lately, you are aware that nail designs are “it” right now.  With celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga inspiring unique new nail trends, beauty-conscious Fashionistas everywhere are thinking of fresh new ways to design their nails. We have already talked about newspaper nails and the half-moon trend and fashion critics are paying more attention to the nail trends going to the runway. Some fashion designers even have nail art inspired by their most recent collections (how fun!). However, while everyone adores Rihanna and Lady Gaga’s ability to think outside the box and wear something crazy, the fact that Jennifer Aniston can cause a fashion frenzy in a simple black tuxedo proves that every Fashionista loves a classic look — and the same goes for nail trends.

When I first saw this Fashionista I was fantasizing about how warm she was in her Sgt. Pepper’s-inspired peacoat and knee-high leather boots. However, it wasn’t until she pulled her iPhone out of her pocket that I spotted her French manicure — the perfect finishing touch to her classic winter look. When I stopped her to mention the fabulousness of her nails, she told me she had done them herself in the comfort of her own room (convenient!).  The Fashionista, who admitted to being a chronic nail-biter, explained she had been letting her nails grow out and was attempting to master the French manicure for a graduate school interview she had coming up. I wished the Fashionista luck on her graduate school adventure as we parted ways. However on the inside I knew she already aced the interview; with a great outfit and nails like that there is nothing a CollegeFashionista can do but succeed!

Expert Tip from Cassie: French manicures are always a safe way to do your nails for any business function or interview. You can easily achieve this manicure at home with the Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit.

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