One of the challenges that comes with being style-conscious is figuring out various ways to wear your clothes. Unless you have enough money to spend slinking around the mall every week purchasing pristine blouses and freshly-pressed pants, you have to get through the day with what you already have in your wardrobe. Desperately combing through your brain and trying to envision something new out of the old is a battle all Fashionistas have to fight through (I like to refer to this obstacle as the What-to-Wear Waterloo).

I’m more than happy to report that unlike Napoleon Bonaparte, you don’t need to admit defeat and suffer social exile just yet. There are the little nips and tucks you can use to spruce up your outfit: a wristful of bangles or an innovative up-do can transform your last year’s back-to-school rags into this season’s hottest threads. Or, you can go big like today’s Fashionista and give your nails some life with the last of spring and summer’s nail polish hues.

This Fashionista opted to freshen up her toned-down outfit by painting her nails a startling shade of mint. Note how a statement shade like mint can give even something as forward as high-waisted shorts and military boots an edge. Nail polish is an element of beauty often neglected in the fashion world, where we’re quick to spot hair trends on the runway and look to makeup to finalize a look before we even consider our own hands. Investing in a mani/pedi at your local salon or splurging for a few bottles of Essie might just be what you need to dust off your favorite blazer and jeans (no recycling needed).

You still have a few weeks of summer left, so feel free to experiment with spring and summer’s nail colors, mint and silver blue, to give your outfits a lightweight, youthful feel. These carefree shades look best when paired with high-waisted denim (like the Levi’s our Fashionista wears), cool graphic tanks and some retro sunglasses. If you’re ready to bid adieu to the beach and say hello to your school’s library, it’s time to hit the books with burgundy and midnight blue, fall’s newest tints. This dramatic, stormy duo loves to be worn alongside cardigans and corduroy pants.

So don’t toss your sweaters in the giveaway pile just yet; at least, not without considering the colors of the rainbow you can dip your nails in.

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