The weather is getting colder and colder everyday here and that means one thing: more clothes! Sometimes living in Chicago can make you feel like you’re a real-life robot because of all the layers you have on.

I found this Fashionista in one of my classes. She’s wearing a black peacoat, essential for every Fashionista's wardrobe, Hunter rain boots and a vintage bag. However, I truly fell in love with her headgear. It's not your typical winter hat, it's furry and cute. Although it's very animal-like, it remains stylish at the same time. The only thing I loved more than the hat was the fact that it didn't mess up her hair! (One of my biggest winter pet peeves is wearing hats because I never want to mess up my hair. I would take off my hat and my hair would be sticking up all over the place, not a good look!)

This Fashionista was sporting a very cute ponytail underneath with a side bang, and when she took off her hat not a strand was out of place. I asked to see her hat and the trick was that it had a silk like lining. I don't know about you guys. but I never look at the lining of the hat when buying it, I’m looking for it's outer style. This warm furry hat is like the best friend you always wanted for your hair!

When buying hats from now on, look form something with a softer lining so your hair can be fabulous with the hat on and when you take it off as well.

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