ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Glitter and Fringe

This has to be one of my favorite style spottings in a while: from head to toe, this Fashionista’s look just screams LES. 

Her cropped, jet black bangs resemble Rooney Mara’s famous hairstyle post-Dragon Tattoo. If you’re too apprehensive to try this trendy hairstyle, but still want full-fringe, then ask your hairstylist to cut them a half an inch to an inch above the eyebrow. Eventually they will grow out to just beneath the eyebrow, which is a popular length among style icons such as Chan Marshall an Leslie Feist. 

This Fashionista seems as if she pulled inspiration for her outfit from the Marc Jacobs fall 2011 collection. The attention to the collar, black on black, a boxy jacket and jewel-toned burgundy were all elements on Marc Jacobs’ runway last year. By far the best part of her outfit is the chunky, vintage boot. 

Her silver glittered nails add unexpected sparkle, and stand out against her snakeskin wallet turned clutch. Try Nails Inc. Special Effects 3D Glitter Nail Polish in sloane square for a similar manicure. 

This Fashionista’s sartorial moment may have a lot of different elements, however they come together with cohesion and an urban style aesthetic. 

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