Military green has been a dominant color in our fall wardrobe and it's exciting to see it transitoning as an it color for nails! I spotted this Fashionista looking as stylish as ever in her on-trend printed poncho cardigan, motorcylce inspired boots, eclectic jewelry (her own line: Jewelry by Jessica Paige), red leather bag and the final touch, an olive green gel manicure!

At first, I thought the nail color was almost black, but as you look closer it shines a beautiful deep green that can be extremely versatile. What's great about this shade is that it looks amazing on so many different skin-tones and can act as a great neutral. Her stacked bangles, bracelets and rings add extra excitement to her manicure to complete her look in style. Take notes!

Since the color is so dark, it looks best on short well manicured nails like this Fashionista's. Her gel nails are the latest rage in salons giving Fashionista a guarenteed two weeks without any chipping (can you believe it?!). 

Gel polish, like OPI Axxium uses a substance that hardens under UV rays. The polish also guarentees no smudging which is a total win if you're prone to leave the salon and mess up your nails (guilty)! To remove the polish, your manicurist  will have to buff the polish, apply remover and then wrap nails in foil till the gel glides off, so cool!

To get a look like this Fashionista's I reccommend requesting OPI Axxium gel in Aragon Tomorrow and you'll not only be on trend, but have at least two weeks of fuss proof nails!

Are you ready to see the green?

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Most Fashionistas take every aspect of fashion seriously and follow ALL trends from clothing to make-up, hair and accessories.  As CollegeFashionistas we all know keeping up on every trend can often be easier said than done.  I know from experience that if I have my outfit perfected one day, there is probably a pretty good chance a few of my freshly painted nails are chipped or my hair is going crazy.  I think it is safe to say NO CollegeFashionista walks out of their house morning after morning in the perfect outfit accompanied by chipless nails and flawless hair.  If we all looked perfect all the time fashion would be no fun.  But when we do miraculously find ourselves in an amazing outfit with fresh nails on a good hair day we are hoping SOMEBODY notices, because every Fashionista enjoys a sartorial compliment every now and again. 

When I spotted this Fashionista, it was clear that she was having a spot-on day.  Her neutral blouse paired with jeggings and Sperrys was perfect for a busy day running around campus.  But as I got closer I noticed the small touches that all came together to perfect her look.  She kept her makeup simple but chose to follow the cat eye trend with perfectly-applied wing-tipped eyeliner.  Her makeup choice was simple yet elegant – ideal for a college student on the go.  But as I got to talking to her I caught a glimpse of her emerald color nails.  When I mentioned how perfect they looked she blushed and quickly started picking any speck of excess polish around her nails, admitting she had just painted them the night before. 

As we move into fall we are seeing a lot of earthy dark colors like deep orange and emerald green, not only on runway looks but in the beauty department as well.  This Fashionista rocked Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Envy — which has a slight shimmer to it — resembling the Peridot shade from the highly anticipated fall 2011 Chanel Le Vernis Nail Collection.  And envious I was as I walked away from this Fashionista who without a doubt “nailed” her look from head to toe.

Expert tip from Cassie: Green is such a flattering color on people wether it be clothes, nail polish, or eye shadow. It is a great color to use as eye shadow when you have blue or green eyes. Brush a little on the on your lower lash line and a little on the outer corners to make your eye color pop. As far as for nail polish, get creative and use different shades of green for the fall season. Green is the new pink Fashionistas! 

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