Award season has come and gone. And while there were definitely some red carpet moments worth noting (like Rooney Mara in Givenchy Couture- hello glamorous Lisbeth Salander); overall, I felt like something was missing. Rather, someone was missing. Helena Bonham Carter's presence on the red carpet last year was the highlight of the 2011 award season. She's the muse of her partner Tim Burton and her dark, quirky personal style reflects his film styles.

When I came across this Fashionista, she seemed to be the younger, collegiate version of Bonham Carter. While her striped shorts, worn in tights, and heavy boots add to her modern goth approach, it is her beauty routine that really takes the look to whole new level. Start by skipping the bronzer and blush. Create porcelain skin by loading up on the loose powder in a shade lighter than your natural pigment that brings out the cool tones in your skin. Using a liquid liner, go heavy handed and line the eyes in a thick cat eye. To boost the glam-goth look, use a small brush to dust a gray-brown shadow under the eyes. Finish up with a matte dark lip for an out of this world look.

Want to elevate this Fashionista's quirky look to the next level? Try sporting a fashion-foward black lip like the models at the Aquilano Rimondi show.

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