The spectrum of men’s beauty products fall exceptionally short compared to the relentless array of beauty merchandise available to women. Because of this, it is imperative of Fashionistos to stay on top of the few beauty categories they are responsible for — most significant being hair care. Men’s hair cuts should be a reflection of their style: sleek for the chic, shaggy for the hipsters, buzzed for the athletes and the list goes on. When men give care to their hair, it automatically acts as the best accessory to emphasizes their look.

This Fashionisto chose a timeless cut that has defined classic mens’ hair for generations. He demonstrates his style savvy by coordinating the polished do with an understated, clean-cut ensemble — the look synchronizes beauty and style, effortlessly. Hollywood’s most fashion forward celebrities such as Cary Grant, George Clooney and Brad Pitt have all rocked this refined cut too. GQ christens it the “Throwback” and gives the ultimate step by step guide on how to replicate the look.

Luckily for GWU Fashionistos, D.C. is home to the Grooming Lounge, one of the country’s premiere mens grooming spots. It not only offers iconic barbershop and spa services, but its own award winning products and grooming advice columns too. It’s a truly revolutionary brand for the men’s beauty industry, and all GWU Fashionistos should be sure to take advantage of it! To learn more about the Grooming Lounge, see this Fashionisto’s exclusive interview with the founders on the Inside Thread.

Expert tip from Cassie: A nice, clean cut on a Fashionisto always looks great. I feel the less product you use to style your hair, the better. If you have a short hair cut all you need to do is run a quarter size amount of the Kerastase Hair Gel through out your hair to give it a soft hold. If your hair is on the longer side, I suggest using the Sally Hershberger Shagg Style Primer to give your do some structure.

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