ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Hair Headband

By now every Fashionista/o on the planet has discovered and currently spends about 50 percent of their her/his time on Pinterest. I promise that wasn’t a plug for Pinterest, it truly is one of the most popular places on the Internet for inspiration seekers. 

Pinterest has been a pretty big hit amongst us Fashionistas, especially those who enjoy trying out new hairstyles! When I complemented this Fashionista’s braided look, she instantly accredited it to Pinterest, which has endless pages filled with every type of braid you could dream of.

“It was so easy!” she explained to me. She was right. It was easy. She simply braided a small chunk of her hair behind her ear and wrapped it around her head about an inch from her hairline, pinning it on the other side. 

I have had recent thoughts of trying to bring back the classic headband look, but after running into this Fashionista I definitely favor her choice of making a headband from her own hair. This Fashionista’s chic hairstyle was the perfect addition to her outfit that included a cream layered blouse, a classic cardigan and rolled-up jeans

The weather is warm here in Iowa for now and the sunshine has allowed us to roll up our jeans and even wear shorts. That’s right, in March! But the fabulous weather hasn’t just affected our fashion, but the effort we put into our look as a whole. In fact, I’m sure, much like this Fashionista, other girls on the University of Iowa campus were searching Pinterest for warm-weather hairstyles.

So if you are on the lookout for a few new ways to style your hair throughout the busy school week, try this braided look. The style is especially flattering on girls with beautiful highlights like this Fashionista, but it looks good on girls with all hair colors and lengths. The look is perfect for every CollegeFashionista on a budget because the hair acts as a sturdy headband and cost zero dollars as long as you can find a few bobby pins between your couch cushions.


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