ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Half-Up, Half-Down

Whereas fashion continually develops and changes season-to-season, beauty and hair trends seem to stay pretty much the same — developing and transforming only minimally each year. On this point, the half-up half-down hairstyle is one of these consistently popular styles and has been in a go-to for as long as I can remember. Perhaps its popularity stems from how easy it is to execute (wherein you simply tie back half of your hair and you are finished) or perhaps it is due to its ability to add a bit of volume/texture to the traditional completely loose locks.

Arguably the best feature of this trend, however, is how (seemingly) effortlessly chic it is. Whatever the reason, Fashionistas everywhere have turned to this style for almost any type of event: from running errands to walking the red carpet, the half-up half-down style is incredibly versatile. The unique versatility also exists in the distinct number of ways this trend can be executed: from gentle and sweeping to bold and geometric, this hairstyle can really complement just about any look.

This Fashionista is pulls together her urban-chic look so well with her delicate application of this hairstyle. So to keep the hair out of her face while in class, she maintained her natural center-part and pinned back the shorter pieces of her face-frame to complete her half-up half-down look. Her outfit of a basic T-shirt tucked into leather pants, a blazer, a fur vest, pony-hair driving shoes and a camel colored satchel ooze sophistication and her use of her minimal, delicate accessories further complete this look.

To achieve a delicate half-up half-down look like this Fashionista, take the front parts of your hair and pin them back, remembering to not brush out your natural part. Secure the hair you just pulled back with a hair elastic or bobby pins and then spritz your locks with a frizz-controlling product (this one is my favorite) to eliminate and tame any fly-aways. A look that takes no more than one minute to achieve, the half-up half-down style is a great default style and I recommend that everyone experiment with this classic style as much as possible.

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