ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Happy Braiding

In courtesy of the fifth season finale of Mad Men I set out to look for vintage styles, and New York does not disappoint. Although nothing is like going to a Jazz Age Lawn Party, which happens twice a summer on Governor’s Island gathering a mass of vintage-lovers, I found this Fashionista’s style both classic and work-appropriate. A double-layered floral chiffon dress with Peter Pan collar on itself is quite sufficient for a statement, with the right amount of accessories like her round-shaped vintage purse, oversized aviator sunglasses and an OPI Black Cherry Chutney nail polish, the look is accomplished.  

With New York heating up to almost 100 degrees, it is wise to get some hair out of the way. The way this Fashionista deals with the heat to do an easy braid in the back. First, tie up the front section and pin it back, then cross over three sections of hair to achieve this easy and laid back hairstyle. It’s the easiest way to get the hair off your face on a hot day, and it takes less than five minutes.

Although runway shows this season prefer more sophisticated twists and braids, a working summer intern may find many less time consuming ways to impress. One way to skip all the effort of braiding your hair and still look polished is use headband, you can use Sephora’s braided headband with different hair colors to whoop your hair around the head like a Valentino girl. For a more dressed-up style, weave accessories like ribbon, chain or even feathers into your hair.

One more thing I like about this Fashionista’s style is the balance. It’s a vintage-inspired dress without looking contrived matched with flats which are a comfortable choice for rushing through Manhattan. Plus, the hair also looks effortless. I think it’s one thing to keep in mind for all the summer Fashionistas at work: dress to impress, but be comfortable!

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