When I ran into this Fashionista on campus the other day, I must admit the first thing I noticed were her bare feet. No, I didn’t run into this boho Fashionista lounging at Coachella; I ran into her at the University of Iowa! Why no shoes, you ask? Well if you follow TOMS on Twitter you have heard about One Day #withoutshoes, the company’s campaign that encourages followers to go one day (April 10th) without shoes to understand how it feels. That day there were college students across the world going without shoes and some, like this Fashionista, chose to do it in style.

The simplicity of her beautiful orange top paired with a brown maxi skirt allowed this Fashionista to accessorize as she pleased. She chose a wooden beaded necklace and a graphic print scarf wrapped around her head to make up for her lack of the ultimate accessory — shoes!

The beauty of a head wrap is that it can spruce up any outfit, from a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt to a skirt and a tank.  However, this Fashionista says her favorite time to rock the head wrap is when it allows her to cover up dirty hair or bed head — perfect for a college student on the go!

The head scarf can also be dressed up or made casual depending on the material of the scarf. Pair a silk headscarf with a simple dress for a warm night out or pair a patterned scarf with jeans and a rock ‘n’ roll T-shirt for a day on campus.

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