ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Hi, My Name is Bob

Fashionistas who read by column often know I am a huge fan of short hair. Of course, the grass is always greener, and as a short-haired girl, I often find myself envying the long-haired Fashionistas who are able to pull off fun 'dos like the milkmaid braid or the top knot. But I have to admit I truly die for a perfectly-structured short 'do, so when I ran into this Fashionista with a perfect bob — and equally as perfect pair of fuschia jeans — I didn’t know which to swoon over first!

While girls with short hair may be limited when it comes to styling their hair, their perfectly-structured cuts are always bound to turn heads. There is something about a bob that adds the perfect amount of fabulous to a look. It can be styled choppy and funky like Rihanna’s old 'do or perfect and structured like the style Rose Byrne rocked at the 2012 SAG Awards. 

This Fashionista’s flawless hair was the color you would imagine Snow White’s to be, and it shined so perfectly in the sun that I truly wanted to put her hairstyle on my head, much like you can do with celebrity hairstyles on the Internet these days.

While not all of us are blessed with beautiful hair genes like this Fashionista, there are plenty of basic products available to help you achieve this stunning look. Good old Velcro rollers along with a drugstore brand of root lifter. While you are at the drugstore picking up your root lifter, don’t forget to pick up a small bottle of shine enhancing spray to accomplish this Fashionista’s bobbed look.

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