I have recently come to accept an unfortuante trait of my strong-headed mop of hair: it will never, ever be able to achieve the perfect messy bun. This Fashionista’s messy bun is the absolute perfect combination of simple and flattering. It is loose enough that it's not too severe on her face shape, but tight enough to stay up for daylong errands. Her trick? Three hair ties. Insanity, I know, but her solution is quite simple. She uses one normal hair tie to secure a ponytail, but then uses two stretched out elastics to make the bun. It allows her hair to curl around in the perfectly spiraled, I-just-wake-up-like-this bun. She tops it off with an adorable black tortoiseshell headband.

Similar to the simple and functional messy bun, today’s Fashionista kept her makeup light and airy. She uses a little mineral powder to soften her complexion and to keep the focus on her eyes. This Fashionista also mastered one of the finer tricks in makeup: the perfectly lined upper lash. If you have a steady hand, pencil and liquid liners work well; but for Fashionista’s with a shakier grip, MAC has an incredible Fluidline version of eyeliner. It is applied with a brush, giving you more control over the amount of color you use. One of the most useful beauty tips I learned from Seventeen Magazine in fourth grade (yes, I actually have read it for that long) is to line your top lashes with small dots of liner, then to connect them one at a time. It’s a foolproof way to get the perfect line every time.

She finishes the look with a sweep of shimmery gold shadow and a glimmering white smile — now that’s true beauty!

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