ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: How to Do the Business ‘do

Not all CollegeFashionistas have the luxury of wearing fun and fashionable outfits around campus every day. Many college students have campus internships that call for business or business casual attire.  From day to day I see many students (Fashionistas and Fashionistos) running around campus in pant suits and pencil skirts. A lot of Fashionistas hate getting ready for a day at work and find the dress code drab and boring, but I say, “It is what you make it!”  Getting dressed for an internship can often seem challenging and most people just resort to the simple black suit, but a true CollegeFashionista is always up for a challenge.

I see this Fashionista on campus almost every day. She is always in business attire but never fails to look cute. Other than her adorable outfits, which usually include a collared shirt, a fun cardigan and flats (perfect for running around campus), she always has her long, pretty brown hair in a fun 'do. Many Fashionistas in the business world tend to think a slicked back ponytail is the only option when headed into work, but that is definitely not the case. While a sleek ponytail is adorable on occasion, it isn’t the only option when headed to the office. This Fashionista understands that while the business world doesn’t necessarily call for an up-do, it is usually a good idea to get some of your hair out of your face so you can do your work without constantly messing with your hair.

On this day, this Fashionista was headed to a press release for the local arena football team she interns for.  Her job, she told me, is to basically stand in the background and make sure everything runs smoothly.  While her internship doesn’t always call for business attire, she definitely had to dress up for this event, and looked chic in black pants, a kitten heel and a tweed blazer.

When dressing up for work, this Fashionista said she loves incorporating a fun hairstyle to spice up her outfit and make her feel more fashionable. While she enjoys letting her hair down and pin-free, she said she often finds herself pinning back the pieces around her face as she runs around performing tasks. Her go-to hair accessories when headed to work are barrettes, headbands and bobby pins. If you too are an internship Fashionista and are looking for fun hair accessories, this Fashionista recommends Target. J.Crew also carries several low key but high-quality hair accessories (in-store only) such as barrettes, headbands and ponytail holders — perfect for CollegeFashionistas on the job.

Expert Tip from Cassie: Creating a braided headband is another great way to keep your hair out of your face while running around completeing your tasks.  Play with buns, ponytails, and different kinds of braids to also enhance your work look.

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