ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Howl at the Moon

It snowed the morning I spotted this Fashionista and I must admit, the second I woke up and looked out the window I had lost all hope of finding a stylish being anywhere on campus. I must admit, thanks to the weather that day, I didn’t put much thought into my ensemble either (GASP)!

One thing is for sure, if it had been five degrees colder and this Fashionista had decided to wear her new cashmere mittens, I would have totally missed the awesomeness upon her fingernails! Know that even though I study art here at Iowa, nail art has never been one of my strong points. The extent of my nail polish skills is painting my ring fingers a different color. With one look at this Fashionista’s nails you would think she was a professional! 

The crescent moon nail trend (French manicure’s evil twin) burst onto the runways at the Ruffian fall 2010 fashion show. Manicurists at CND (Creative Nail Design, a nail polish brand) designed the nails and did a similar half moon design for Ruffian’s spring/summer show later that year.

I caught this Fashionista admiring her fresh manicure on her way to class.  On such a cold day, her nails almost made me feel warmer when I caught a glimpse of them. She used fall-appropriate OPI shades in San Tan-tonio and Espresso Your Style to create the half moon design.  She assured me that while the half moon manicure process is quiet time-consuming, there are very rewarding results (the evidence was on her fingertips). 

As for supplies, you probably won’t even have to leave your dorm room to get them.  All you need is notebook paper hole reinforcements!  A pack of those, a good top coat and some patience and you are set!

Now, I know what you are thinking — the half moon nail trend seems intimidating — but if you took on the newspaper nail challenge a few weeks ago, I suggest you try this one out.  The results might just make you throw your head back and howl at the moon!

Expert Tip From Cassie: Get creative and try all sorts of color combinations with the half moon nail trend. You can mix and match dark, vampy colors with more colorful ones; or, you can try a color combination of black and white. 



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