I love when styles can reflect the current season: flowery dresses in the blooming spring; bright colors in the summer sunshine; jewel tone sweaters amidst the fallen autumn leaves; paled and sleek colors suggestive of winter snowcaps. Although maybe a few weeks premature, today’s Fashionista depicts those paled, sparkled hues evident in the untouched fields of white snow sure to arrive in the coming weeks. The wicked Boston wind smells of snowflakes, but this Fashionista’s adorable dimples and smiling eyes were anything but icy.

Today’s Fashionista has envy-inducing baby blues and does she know how to work them! The jet-black top liner enlivens her gorgeous eyes; a single swipe of mascara keeps them bright and open. A top liner and light mascara widens your eyes, masking tired circles — lining your bottom lash line with a white pencil liner also helps enlarge eyes. This Fashionista added a fun sparkle shadow with a pink tint to ensure all attention on the striking blue.

I can’t get over how adorable this Fashionista’s dimples are — they are so utterly honest and innocent. Her porcelain skin tone is so bright and fitting to her look, contrary to my paled winter skin that is anything but adorable. In addition to nailing the perfect eye look, she also was on point with rosy cheeks. I’m obsessed with NARS blush, which flatters every skin tone. When applying, smile to the mirror and tap the apples of your cheeks up toward the outer corner of your eye to get the perfect rosy glow.

So in the upcoming weeks, instead of being miserable in the wintery chill, try using some snow-like shadow in Pink Chiffon or icy polish in Havana Dreams to help you get through the day.

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