Finally we have a little bit of consistency in our weather. I love when the temperature reaches the high 60's and 70's, making it much easier to get dressed in the morning. With springtime weather comes spring, which results in fun colored springtime nails!

Sometimes nail art can be extremely tacky, but with celebrities like Rihanna and Katy Perry rocking decked out nails (Katy Perry even had her ex husband’s face on her nails), it's a trend that seems to be soaring. Nails are starting to be seen in different shapes and sizes; the most popular being the “stiletto nail.” It gets its name because the nails are shaped to mimic the shape of a hot stiletto!

I spotted this Fashionista sporting a shorter version of the stiletto nail with the polish “Need Sunglasses?” by O.P.I and different facial expressions painted in black. From silly faces to sad faces, this Fashionista expressed them all through her nails. This Fashionista wears dark navy leggings with UGG boots and a ¾ length sleeve rocker T-shirt. She made her very comfortable outfit casually cute.

I know that not every Fashionista can afford to go to the nail salon, or even have time to get a manicure. But, the imPRESS press-on manicure Is an easy, full-proof way to get top notch nails for half the price and no dry time. Let me know if you try out any of these crazy designs!

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