ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: It’s Streaky To Rock A Rhyme

Ombré is one of the biggest hair trends to hit America since Jennifer Aniston revolutionized the way all true Fashionistas style their hair. And with good reason — both are absolutely fabulous. A full ombré is a great transition for those either going into or coming out of a fully dyed head of hair. From bleach blonde roots to aqua ends, no look is too extreme.

While the look has the leeway to be bold, certain looks can be too severe. For example, with my dark brown hair, I assumed that any type of lighter colored look would be too drastic of a change. I have also never colored my hair; the mere thought of destroying the ends gives me the chills.

Alas, there is a solution. Today’s Fashionista, a true innovator, put her own spin on the trend. Instead of committing to the entire trend, she simply styled a few face framing pieces. It brightens up her hair and highlights her deep summer tan without damaging her healthy ends. Healthy and fabulous? Yes, please.

Another fantastic and noncommittal beauty trend is statement nails. Prints, patterns, sequins and studs, bold nails are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add a little bit of crazy to an everyday look. As a competitive cheerleader until my senior year of high school, I was never permitted to have length or color to my nails. And, as promised, college has indeed opened a new world of opportunity for me: the manicure. Nails are now one of the first things I notice about a look because there are so many different ways to showcase individuality. Try a bright yellow similar to this Fashionista’s or get really crazy and add some striking appliqués.

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