Everyone remembers the infamous messy bun that every teenage girl thought was the coolest thing in high school. Looking back on pictures of myself, I swear I will never sport that messy bun ever again. But just like other classic updos such as the braid and the ponytail, the messy bun has evolved from the awkward and lopsided high school version into a sleek and sophisticated style perfect for CollegeFashioniastas on the go.

I must admit this Fashionista’s classic Coach loafers were the first part of her look to catch my eye; however, after getting a good glimpse at her entire outfit I was reminded of my mother’s fashion mantra “simple and classic will always be beautiful.”  While I have always favored a classic look when it comes to fashion, I had never considered the idea for hair. That is until I met this Fashionista, whose low bun truly was the perfect addition to her overall polished look.

In fact, this Fashionista’s look proves that you don’t have to break your bank account to be a CollegeFashionista. Her cool leather jacket and colorful plaid scarf add the perfect amount of funk to her basic black T-shirt and trusty skinny jeans.

While any hairstyle would have sufficed with such a classic look, this Fashionista chose to stick with the overall feel of her outfit kept her hair simple.  Despite her claim that she threw her tresses up before class, this Fashionista achieved a not-too-perfect-but-not-too-messy bun that she piled up on the back of her head with a few pieces hanging free around her face.

Her choice to go with a simple bun transformed her look from “average college student” to “effortlessly chic model just off the runway.” And while some of us Fashionistas often get caught up trying to imitate the latest trends, this sophisticated Fashionista reminds us of the beauty of a classic, polished look. 

So the next time you are in front of your closet with no outfit ideas, reach for the classic items in your wardrobe, because while seasonal trends come and go, timeless pieces like your leather jacket and a sturdy pair of jeans will always be in vogue!

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