Well, another fashionable school year is behind us, and while some Fashionistas on campus may think that means nobody (Style Gurus in particular) is watching, they were totally wrong! While the school year is thankfully over for a few warm months, there is never a break in style for the most dedicated Fashionistas.

However, sometimes summer calls for a slight shift in fashion sense, whether that means ditching the heels for more practical flats for that summer internship or changing your makeup routine to adjust to the warmer weather conditions.  Either way, every Fashionista can determine the adjustments that need to be made to make sure her summer is just as fashionable as any other season.

When I ran into this Fashionista, I was envious of her relaxed look as she grabbed coffee with a friend. You could tell all the stress of due dates and research papers was out of her mind by her pleasant smile and laughter.  While her outfit was the perfect choice for one of the first true summer days, her hair and makeup were the ideal final touch! This Fashionista surely understood that while summer is no time to slack in the fashion department, it can be the perfect time to take a simpler approach when it comes to hair and makeup.

I haveve discussed toning down your makeup routine to avoid a sweaty mess during the warmer months, and sometimes the same can apply for your hair. This Fashionista understood that the summer isn’t always the greatest time to be dragging hot styling tools through her hair when the sun and humidity are already doing enough damage to her locks! Instead, she opted for a chic ponytail, allowing a few wispy pieces around her face to fall. If that doesn’t say summer, I don’t know what does!

To achieve this Fashionista's laid back 'do, all you need is a good hair tie. You should work on causing as little damage to your tresses as possible, so try one of these new ties that won’t rip your hair out!  Some Fashionistas may need a few bobby pins depending on the length of your hair. A good bottle of hairspray or styling crème always helps when looking to add volume and texture! With just a few simple tools, you are set for a summer full of laid back looks perfect for any Fashionista!

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