ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Leopard and Lipstick

I once heard a friend say, “I wish I was cool enough to wear red lipstick.”  I was shocked at her statement and convinced her EVERYONE is cool enough to sport a red lip.  For me, wearing a color on my lips simply makes me feel better.  Applying lipstick in the morning allows me to take on the day as a much braver (and I guess cooler) version of me.  Take this chic Fashionista for example, I spotted her and her red pout on campus earlier in the day but couldn’t catch up to her, so when I saw her later as I was walking to class, I was ecstatic to finally get a shot of her.  She caught my eye with her bold red lips and on trend leopard print scarf.  What really struck me about this Fashionista was that she was dressed up, which is a lot to ask of a college student (on a Friday) in the first place.  Then of course her lips completely topped off her classic boots and trench coat look.  If there are two things that look good on a woman (in my book) they would be lipstick and leopard – and this Fashionista had both.

There truly is something about a red lip that makes you stand out in a crowd but this Fashionista had the smile to go right along with it and boy was she working it.  She told me she too had been intimidated by the idea of wearing lipstick until her friend forced her to try it.  Now, she said, she is totally addicted and was even sporting neon pink lips all summer.  If you are nervous to try lipstick for the first time start with a colored lip balm or lip stain.  Burt's Bees has a collection of tinted lip balms in all different colors and Covergirl has a line of Outlast Lipstains that are easy to apply for first-timers.  

I think some of us may have this negative stigma about lipstick, maybe from watching our moms apply that awful liner in the 90’s.  But if I could make one beauty prediction, it would be that the lipstick is always going to be a beauty obsession.  So I am calling on cool Fashionistas everywhere to step up and take on the chic and oh-so-fun trend (maybe even on a Friday).  I promise you won’t regret it.

Expert Tip from Cassie: Wearing a color lip can really spruce up your look. If red is too bold for you, try a lighter color like a peach, and then work up to red. Go to your favorite makeup counter and play with different colors of lipstick to find your favorite shade.

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