ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Lipstick Jungle

As I mentioned in my latest Style Guru Bio, my ever-growing love affair with lipstick is a passionate one. What’s not to love? Lipstick has the insatiable quality to convey an instant à la mode factor. Part art, part makeup; lipstick is the quickest way to amp up the trend factor to any look. This is why having a complete lipstick wardrobe that caters to any and every occasion is absolutely essential: coral colors are playful, red shades are sexy, pink hues are coy and the list goes on.

With the uprise in designer lipstick launches, its appeal has resurfaced over the past few years as a beauty must-have. This season, the beauty scene was graced with the debut of Kate Spade’s Supercalifragilipsticks — a collection of four ‘50s inspired shades. The brand’s creative director Deborah Lloyd worked alongside Poppy King to design the products. “Deborah and I wanted to create a product that had the glamour of lipstick without the commitment to a full pigment,” King told Instyle exclusively.

This Fashionista exquisitely employed the Kate Spade lipstick objective by applying a visible, yet subtle pop of color. Although even without her lipstick this Fashionista’s ensemble would have had a classic, sleek and chic appeal, by adding a piquant pop of pink, a trendy dimension was thrown into the mix. It’s no secret that this Fashionista knows beauty. Between her polished nails, long lashes, fresh face and of course, pink lips she uses her beauty expertise to top off of an already stylish look.

Expert tip from Cassie: The extra pop of color on the lip adds a little something to any outfit. Try and keep your face make up and eye make up a little more neutral if you want to add a vibrant color lip. The Fashionista pictured really did get this look perfect! Her non descript eyes allows the attention to be drawn to her beautiful hair and lucious lip color.

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